Mingshuai Chen

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Room 4230
Ahornstraße 55
D-52074 Aachen
+49 241 80 21208

I have become an Assistant Professor leading the Formal Verification Group at Zhejiang University. Check my current homepage here.

Prior to joining ZJU, I worked as a postdoctoral researcher at the Software Modeling and Verification Group headed by Prof. Joost-Pieter Katoen associated with the ERC Advanced Grant Project FRAPPANT: Formal Analysis of Probabilistic Programs. In 2019, I received the Ph.D. degree (with my dissertation titled Verification and Synthesis of Time-Delayed Dynamical Systems) in computer science from the Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences, under the supervision of Prof. Naijun Zhan and co-supervision of Prof. Martin Fränzle. For detailed information, please check my CV.


I develop formal reasoning techniques for programs and hybrid systems for ensuring the reliability and effectiveness of safety-critical software systems while pushing the limits of automation as far as possible. My primary research interests include

  • semantics, verification, and synthesis of probabilistic programs
  • modelling, verification, and synthesis of hybrid systems
  • reachability/stability/termination analysis
  • invariant/interpolant/controller synthesis
  • stochastic/time-delayed systems
  • cyber-physical systems

See the bottom of this page for a list of publications. For the list of tools and case studies that I was involved in during my doctoral research, please check my homepage at ISCAS.

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Thesis/Intern Topics

If you are interested in doing an internship or writing a Bachelor/Master’s thesis in any of the aforementioned topics, don’t hesitate to contact me. You can also check our list of open topics.

Topics Ongoing

  • Latticed Craig Interpolation with an Application to Probabilistic Programs (Intern, Zhiang Wu (HKUST))

Topics Closed

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