Principles of Programming Languages (Seminar)

Seminar in Theoretical CS, Summer Semester 2015



09.04.2015, 13:00 Introduction at seminar room of i2 (E1, room 4201b)
18.05.2015 Detailed outline due
01.06.2015 Report due
15.06.2015 Final version of report due
29.06.2015 Slides due
06.07.2015 Final version of slides due
13./14.07.2015 Seminar at seminar room of i2 (E1, room 4201b)


This seminar addresses several aspects of programming languages and systems, with emphasis on how principles underpin practical applications. Here the notion of “programming languages and systems” has to be understood in a broad sense; it ranges from sequential programming languages over concurrent and probabilistic systems to logical approaches such as model checking.

Each area features a number of topics which are each covered by a scientific journal or conference article (please refer to the references below). These research articles are the basis on which students have to prepare their report and presentation.


Basic knowledge in the following areas is expected:

  • Formal languages and automata theory
  • Mathematical logic
  • Previous knowledge in semantics of programming languages, program analysis, model checking and/or concurrency theory is helpful but not mandatory


Program Analysis

  1. Quantitative Interprocedural Analysis
  2. Interprocedural Analysis with Callbacks
  3. Abstraction Refinement

Model Checking

  1. Partial Order Reduction
  2. Bounded Model Checking
  3. Software Model Checking via IC3

Probabilistic Systems

  1. Probabilistic Termination
  2. Abstract Semantics of Probabilistic Programs
  3. Slicing Probabilistic Programs
  4. Analysis of Markov Decision Processes
  5. Probabilistic Automata on Finite Words

Concurrent Systems

  1. Verification of Multithreaded Programs
  2. Linearisability of Concurrent Data Structures
  3. Quantitative Quiescent Consistency

Separation Logic

  1. Complexity of Deciding Entailment
  2. Deciding Satisfiability

Schedule of Talks

Monday 13.07.2015
09:00-10:30 1, 10
10:45-12:15 2, 3
13:30-15:00 4, 6
Tuesday 14.07.2015
13:15-14:45 7, 9
15:00-16:30 13, 15

Additional Material


Registration to the seminar is handled between January 14 and 28, 2015, via the central online form.


Thomas Noll <noll at>