Testing for AADL

Sabrina von Styp

The COMPASS toolset allows model checking a specification given as an AADL model. To test whether the actual implementation conforms to this specification model-based testing is needed. So far model-based testing, a technique to automate the test process, using an AADL model for specification is not possible. AADL supports data and data-dependent control flow, real-time and continuous behaviour. In this project we define a transition system that supports all the features of AADL, including data, real-time and continuous behaviour. Afterwards we provide a translation from AADL to these transition systems.

Model-based testing uses a formal conformance relation for automatically generating test cases. It is part of this project to define such a conformance relation for transition systems with data, real-time and continuous behaviour.

It is also planned to look into the side effects of testing compositional systems, particularly for AADL models.  In model-based testing single components may be correct to their specification but when testing their composition they can violate the specification.  Models defined in AADL are systems containing several components communicating with each other and hence compositional testing is indispensable. Our goal is to provide a tool that allows to test the implementation of  one or more components while the missing components are simulated by the specification and hence to circumvent the side effects of testing components on its own.

 The project is planned to be concluded with some case studies presenting the feasibility of this approach.