Alexander Bork

alexander.bork at
Room 4205
Ahornstraße 55
D-52074 Aachen
+49 241 80 21252

I have been a PhD student at the Software Modeling and Verification Group (MOVES) headed by Professor Joost-Pieter Katoen since April 2021. Additionally, I am a doctoral researcher within the Research Training Group UnRAVeL.


We cannot avoid POMDPs (…) because the real world is one.

Stuart J. Russel, Peter Norvig
Artificial Intelligence – A Modern Approach (Fourth Edition), p.578

My research focus is on the verification of partially observable stochastic models, in particular the analysis of partially observable Markov decision processes (POMDPs). In contrast to classical stochastic models, in partially observable models a decision maker must base its decisions on the available information in a state and not the complete state itself. A special focus of my work is the development of approaches that can be used in practice to verify certain properties on partially observable models and to synthesise strategies for such properties.

I am also interested in general topics of probabilistic verification, in particular probabilistic model checking.
I am a developer of the probabilistic model checker Storm.

Thesis Projects

If you are interested in writing a Bachelor’s/Master’s thesis within my research area, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Finished Projects

  • Umut Dural, Automatic Algorithm Selection for Probabilistic Model Checking using Machine Learning, Bachelor’s Thesis, 2023.
  • Gergana Tropcheva, Strategy Computation for a Markovian Disease Spread Model, Bachelor’s thesis, 2023.
  • Christina Gehnen, POMDP-based Execution Models for Probabilistic Programs with Partial Observability, Master’s thesis, 2022. (co-supervised with Tobias Winkler)

Peer Reviews


  • Logical Methods in Computer Science (lmcs) 2022/23 – Reviewer



I’m currently involved in the following teaching activities:

Past Semesters


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