Two papers in FMICS 2019

The paper “A DFT Modeling Approach for Infrastructure Reliability Analysis of Railway Station Areas” by Matthias Volk, Norman Weik, Joost-Pieter Katoen and Nils Nie├čen as well as the paper “Multiple Analyses, Requirements Once” by Philipp Berger, Johanna Nellen, Joost-Pieter Katoen, Erika Abraham, Md Tawhid Bin Waez and Thomas Rambow have been accepted at FMICS 2019 in Amsterdam.

The second paper (joint work with Ford motor company) describes a tool-chain that can capture requirements in a user-friendly way through patterns, and which can translate them in a variety of input languages for other tools, such as Simulink and BTC EmbeddedValidator (plus others).

The first paper (joint work with railway engineers from RWTH Aachen) describes a fully automated approach to model railway station areas using dynamic fault trees, from which reliability estimations and quality metrics are computed using the Storm model checker. Numerical applications are made for three German railway stations of different sizes.