Two papers at NFM 2022

The paper “BDDs Strike Back: Efficient Analysis of Static and Dynamic Fault Trees” by Daniel Basgöze, Matthias Volk (Twente), Joost-Pieter Katoen, Shahid Khan and Marielle Stoelinga (Twente) as well as the paper “Configurable Benchmarks for C Model Checkers” by Xaver Fink, Philipp Berger and Joost-Pieter Katoen have been accepted for presentation at the NASA Formal Methods Symposium 2022 at CalTech, Pasadena.

The first paper reports on a technique to analyze “static” parts of a dynamic fault tree by means of efficient BDD techniques and combine this with fast Markov model-based analysis for the “dynamic” parts. It in addition presents some improvements to BDD-based analysis of static fault trees.

The second paper presents a software tool for generating “hard” C code that can help analyzing the efficiency of C model checkers.