Publications for Stefan Schupp

Stefan Schupp, Justin Winkens, Erika Abraham. Context-Dependent Reachability Analysis for Hybrid Systems. 2018 IEEE International Conference on Information Reuse and Integration (IRI 2018), pages 518-525, IEEE, 2018.

Stefan Schupp, Erika Abraham. The HyDRA Tool – A Playground for the Development of Hybrid Systems Reachability Analysis Methods. Proceedings of the PhD Symposium at iFM’18 on Formal Methods: Algorithms, Tools and Applications (PhD-iFM’18), , 2018.
Stefan Schupp, Erika Abraham. Spread the Work: Multi-threaded Safety Analysis for Hybrid Systems. Proceedings of the 16th International Conference on Software Engineering and Formal Methods (SEFM 2018), Volume 10886 of LNCS, pages 89–104, Springer, 2018.
Stefan Schupp, Erika Abraham. Efficient dynamic error reduction for hybrid systems reachability analysis. Proc. of the 24th International Conference on Tools and Algorithms for the Construction and Analysis of Systems (TACAS'18), Volume of LNCS, Springer, 2018.

Stefan Schupp, Francesco Leofante, Erika Abraham, Armando Tacchella. Robot Swarms as Hybrid Systems. Proceedings 4th International Workshop on Symbolic and Numerical Methods for Reachability Analysis, SNR@ETAPS 2018, , 2018.
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