Lutz Klinkenberg

lutz.klinkenberg at
Room 4203
Ahornstra├če 55
D-52074 Aachen
+49 241 80 21221

I am a PhD student at the Software Modeling and Verification Group headed by Professor J.-P. Katoen. I am a member of the FRAPPANT project working on probabilistic programs. Furthermore, I am the managing director of the Information and Communication Profile Area.


I was/am currently involved in the following teaching activities:



Bachelor/Master Theses

I am always looking forward to working with students. If you are looking for a bachelor/master thesis in the context of probabilistic program semantics and verification and their connection to formal power series and recurrence relations, do not hesitate to contact me. If you have your own ideas in research fields related to these topics which you want to investigate during a final thesis, feel free to drop an email or just visit me in the office for some interesting discussions.

I’m currently supervising:

  • Thomas Vogt (Master Thesis)

Supervised Students:

  • Denise Fromme (Master Thesis)
  • Christian Blumenthal (Master Thesis)

Open Topics:

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LOPSTR20: The article “Generating Functions for Probabilistic Programs” has won the best paper award.