Emma Ahrens

ahrens at cs.rwth-aachen.de
Room 4230
Ahornstra├če 55
D-52074 Aachen
+49 241 80 21222

I am a PhD candidate at the Software Modeling and Verification Group headed by Professor J.-P. Katoen. Moreover, I am funded by the research training group UnRAVel.

In my research, I investigate “weighted programming”, a novel programming paradigm designed for describing and solving online optimization problems. The primary focus involves establishing mathematical foundations for automated, deductive procedures in the analysis of “weighted” programs. I investigate the extendability of methods and techniques used in the analysis of probabilistic programs, particularly emphasizing the definition of proof rules for loops, demonstrating their correctness, and exploring the potential automation of loop invariant verification and synthesis.

Furthermore, I will explore the relationship of “weighted programming” to weighted Kleene algebras and weighted automata and investigate how suitable optimization problems may be modelled and solved via this new programming paradigm.


I am involved in the following teaching activities:


I am currently supervising Dario van den Boom on his Master thesis about an algorithm for the Quickest Transshipment Problem.


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