Christian Hensel


dehnert at
Room 4210
Ahornstra├če 55
D-52074 Aachen
+49 241 80 21203

I am a PhD student at the Software Modeling and Verification Group (MOVES) headed by Professor J.-P. Katoen.
My research interests include:

  • formal methods for qualitative and quantitative systems
  • abstraction techniques for quantitative systems
  • symbolic methods for the analysis of systems
  • SMT-solving, in particular its applications to the analysis of formal models

Selected Talks

DownloadChristian Dehnert. A Storm is Coming: A Modern Probabilistic Model Checker, Talk at CAV (Heidelberg, Germany), 2017.
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Publications for Christian Dehnert

LinkChristian Dehnert, Sebastian Junges, Joost-Pieter Katoen, Matthias Volk. A Storm is Coming: A Modern Probabilistic Model Checker. Proc. of CAV, Volume 10427 of LNCS, pages 592–600, Springer, 2017.
DownloadCarlos E. Budde, Christian Dehnert, E. Moritz Hahn, Arnd Hartmanns, Sebastian Junges, Andrea Turrini. “JANI: Quantitative Model and Tool Interaction. Proc. of TACAS (2), Volume 10206 of LNCS, pages 151-168, Springer, 2017.
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